ВИДЕО: Юрий Николаев рассказал о возрождении «Утренней звезды»
The presenter realized the dream together with Grigory Leps.

TV host Yuri Nikolaev together with the production center of Grigory Leps
revived the show “Morning star” which was a hit TV broadcast for spectators

“The project that we prepared for almost a year, was launched in
the day before yesterday, told 7days.ru Yuri Nikolaev. — We invented it together with Grigory Leps and his production
center. It can participate every child who wants:
to publish on our website a video which shows how he sings, or
playing a musical instrument. I want to emphasize that this is absolutely not
commercial history, participation in the Internet project “Morning star” —
free. And once a week we plan a television digest at First
channel: so that the audience could see and appreciate who is at the moment
the leader in the competition. I had long wanted to do this project, I really want
good to see the children’s faces and rejoice in their successes!”

Grigory Leps and Yuri Nikolaev

Photo: Maxim Lee