ВИДЕО: Юлия Пересильд стала жгучей брюнеткой
The actress has changed beyond recognition.

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Despite his impressive filmography, Yulia Peresild hard
imagine with dark hair. Only in the movie “Battle for Sevastopol” her
the heroine was a brunette. Directors are not at risk to change images fair-haired by nature
Peresild, because this natural hair color is like hers are a rarity.

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But since all images in the festival “HALOFEST”, which takes place
today in the capital’s Garden of “Hermitage”, the artists choose for themselves, Yulia
decided to hang around the burning brunette. It turned into clowness
Julia-the Bobbin, because the holiday theme is a circus Tent. Moreover, in this way it
not recognize even close friends.

Has changed Peresild not only hair color but also your voice,
who sat down after countless rehearsals and performances. Recording of Alla parade with
the participation of famous actors, which opened “HALOFEST”, please click here>>