VIDEO: Yulia Peresild had no effect on the gas helium

ВИДЕО: на Юлию Пересильд не подействовал газ гелий
The actress are unable to change the voice to talk like a child.

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Tomorrow in the capital garden of “Hermitage” will open a Circus Tent,
which will be for the charity Fund Galchonok Yuliya Peresild, Yuliya Snigir, Maxim Matveev, Lisa Arzamasova and other stars. Already
traditional “Halofest” this year we decided to dedicate a circus theme.

Yulia Peresild: “I always fall like lightning”

Today Yulia Peresild tried to record the videoanonsa
an upcoming event, the actress wanted to change the voice with the helium. But the gas is practically no effect on the actress. However, this is not surprising. Peresild — not
only actress but also singer, she has a strong, well-trained bunch.

See Saturday, September 2, the direct inclusion of “Halofest”.
We will show our live broadcasts on all the fun! Parade-alle with
by all the stars will start September 2, at 11: 45 a.m. Moscow
time. Don’t miss out!