ВИДЕО: Младшие дочки Мадонны решили показать, что они тоже умеют петь
Madonna shared the funny shots.

of children Madonna — four-year-old twins Esther and Stella led to the emotion
fans of the stars. The fact that the singer shared the other day funny video
in which her daughter show off their dance and vocal

Girls dressed
in the same yellow t-shirt with a picture of them with roses and a short ballet
skirts, dancing to the Shakira’s song “Waka Waka” — the
news that the Colombian singer recorded for the world Cup in
2010. However, in notes daughter of Madonna strongly not fall, but as fun
moving barefoot Babes! As for the vocals, to sing, if they
of course I will, mother subsequently will be able to teach.

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in this video, Esther and Stella already quite settled in the house of the Madonna. But they came here recently — in the beginning of this year. Recall that the singer
adopted orphans from the African state of Malawi in February. Moreover, the application
the rights of the adoptive mother did not come easy. The problem was that
58-year-old Madonna was considered, according to local laws, too “old” for
to be eligible to take a foster child. So she
had to undergo a detailed medical examination to prove excellent
the state of his health. Incidentally, recently, Madonna admitted that for
in order to give the girls more time, she wants to pause
in his live performances.