ВИДЕО: Яна Троянова запела!
The actress sang the song and starred in the video.

Yana Troyanova

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

On channel TNT premiered a music video in
which main character of the series, Olga, Yana Troyanova performs the song “Beautiful life” group Ace of Base.

In the new season of the Comedy series “Olga” character actor
Sergei Romanovich going to be a father and will throw the main character — Olga performed
Yana Troyanova — new problems.

What he encountered Olga in the first season — full
nothing compared to what it would have to survive in the new episodes. In her
family expands, with new dad — the guy her daughter instead
to drag everything in the house and takes care of the family, went to prison for fraud.
And who from there will get? Of Course Olga!

“First, for Olga it’s a terrible event, which, however, quickly turns to happiness, — says Yana Troyanova. — Of course,
start a new complexity. Daughter is still very inexperienced in many matters,
itself is still essentially a child, so the area of responsibility of Olga again
increases. But I believe in it — Olga sure can handle it: family and
raise, and in-law relationships will improve. She understands that the child
need a father.

“When his child was born, at first he was a little taken aback, but
then with a vengeance continued to fight for the family fortune, says
Sergei Romanovich. — With Olga relations not. Andrew for her is incomprehensible
tipoca, without any particular prospects. But he will try to deserve it”.

The season premiere of Comedy series “Olga” will be held
4 September at 20:00 on TNT!