VIDEO: Yana Churikova stirs interest in the scandal surrounding Andrei Malakhov

ВИДЕО: Яна Чурикова подогревает интерес к скандалу вокруг Андрея Малахова
The theme of the week — care host of the show “Let them talk” with the First channel.

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The news that Andrei Malakhov leaves the First channel,
certainly, became the main sensation coming weeks. He’s leading yet intriguing and not
in a hurry to make any official statements, but since it is a lot
time spent in the company of his close friend Yana Churikova at the festival “HEAT”
in Baku and must have discussed with her my plans, the last publication teledive
— amid the scandal erupted — carry a lot of hidden meanings.

For example, immediately after the news broke about
Malakhov switching to another channel, Churikova shared the picture, which
Andrew is embodied in a jump and asked me to come up with a name for the frame.

Andrey Malakhov and Yana Churikova in Baku

Photo: Instagram Yana Churikova

Here are some excerpts from the comments: “I’m free!”, “I
fly away, but I’ll be back”, “Freedom from “Let them talk” — she”, “Running away with
First” “As I out 1 channel”, “Fly on Russia-1” and dozens of statements
on the same subject. Interestingly, Churikova has removed none of these reviews…

Meanwhile, twists in another intrigue. As stream
festival “HEAT”, which she has led with Churikova scheduled broadcast
The first channel, the question arises — will we get to see Andrew on the “first button”,
connected with the latest news? The answer is August 11. Yana Churikova, for example, I’m sure
that will show the full version. But just in case, has already shared a video in which
they Malakhov sing along with Sofia Rotaru during her recitals.