ВИДЕО: Павел Воля взял годовалую дочку на охоту
Showman first published video with Sofia.

Will Paul recently shared a touching video, which was filmed spending time together with her little daughter Sofia. Showman showed footage of “hunting” for peacocks. The so-called “hunting”, of course, was make-believe: Paul and his girl just tried in vain to chase the peacocks into the Bush.

Incidentally, this is the first video posted Will, in the shooting which took part in Sofia. True, the girl in the picture not included, but subscribers star “Comedy Club” had the opportunity to hear the voice of his daughter.

Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva

Photo: @liasanutiasheva (Instagram lyaysan Utyasheva)

Now the Will is in the Dominican Republic, wherever a few days ago in the company of his wife Laysan Utyasheva and two children — Sophia and Robert. Celebrity couple prefer active kind of rest. Will under the supervision of the wives spent every day training to maintain good physical shape.