VIDEO: Will Paul decided to make all people happy

ВИДЕО: Павел Воля решил сделать всех людей счастливыми
Showman says Hello from warm countries.

A little vacation in Dubai, flew on the eve of Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva. Before leaving the couple turned to their friends who have been
in the UAE, with the request to tell about what attractions to visit first.

Apparently, the rest is very beneficial for Paul
Will, who recorded several tongue-in-cheek appeal to all who are in
dejection. Showman wished all to soon be at sea in his example.

Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva

Photo: Instagram Paul Will

By the way, at the airport, Paul and his wife noticed
a sign in the hands of the greeters, on which was written “Laysan Will.” This
way utiasheva finally got her husband’s name.