ВИДЕО: Что случилось? Состарившегося на двадцать лет Дмитрия Нагиева перестали узнавать поклонники
Fans shocked by a video featuring the artist.

Dmitriy Nagiev

Photo: still from the film

Sarik Andreasyan directed the film “Unforgiven” based on real
events. In 2002, the architect Vitaly Kaloyev lost his entire family: wife and
two children in the crash, which occurred through the fault of the Manager. In 2002 the plane
“Bashkir airlines”, which flew his wife, son and daughter of Vitaly, faced
above lake Constance with the transport plane. In 2004, Kaloyev
committed murder of air traffic controller Peter Nielsen, believing him responsible for the tragedy.

The main role in the film which will be released this fall
played by Dmitry Nagiyev. For the role of the actor changed out of all recognition. If
the beginning of the film Dmitry Nagiyev is presented in a familiar, recognizable image, after the tragedy,
what happened with the main character, the image of the actor is undergoing dramatic
changes. Using sophisticated makeup and a long gray beard the actor had aged,
for at least twenty years.

In “Unforgiven” also played Marjan Avetisyan,
Samvel Muzhikyan, Roza Khairullina, Karen Ghahramanyan, Artem Shklyaev, Mikhail Gorevoy, Irina Bezrukova, Vadim Tsallati, Sisak Sebastian, Andrews, Paulavicius,
Michael Janibekyan and others.