ВИДЕО: нашелся биологический отец дочери Марьянова
Ex-husband of Xenia BIC argues that she was deprived of his parental rights.

ВИДЕО: нашелся биологический отец дочери Марьянова

Sergei Kovalenko and Xenia BIK daughter Mail

Irina Lobacheva made a sensational statement. Figure skater
admitted that Dmitry Maryanov wanted to divorce Xenia, and also talked about
that the actor’s daughter — nine-year-old Anfisa, in fact, not his biological
child. “He told me on the phone!”said Lobacheva.

About this the athlete told in the show “the Stars aligned” to the channel
NTV. The crew of the project found the ex-husband of BIK, which for
the program was called the Barber of Kharkov. According to businessman Sergey
Kovalenko, on the birth of the girls he was the husband of BIC, and that he took
his wife and daughter from the hospital.

“In the hospital, we had a big fight says
Sergey. — Kseniya refused to give her daughter my name.” Later she took
Kovalenko parental rights, so he can’t communicate with her daughter. On the record “Stars
agreed” also attended physiognomist Svetlana Filatova, who believes,
what Anfisa outwardly is absolutely not similar to Dmitry Maryanova. “The girl thin
lip, eyebrow is much lower than the father in childhood, narrow chin», —
commented on Filatov.

ВИДЕО: нашелся биологический отец дочери Марьянова

Anfisa Beek, Dmitry Maryanov

In addition, the show revealed that Syarhei Kavalenka is ready
re-adopt Anfisa, which he considers his daughter.

Anfisa Beek, Sergey Kovalenko, Dmitry Maryanov