ВИДЕО: Владимир Пресняков с размахом отметил 49-летие
Star friends of the singer rocked the party in his honor.

Vladimir Presnyakov on the eve of the gathered family and friends at a private party in honor of his own birthday. To congratulate the artist with the 49-year anniversary came Svetlana Bondarchuk, Tatiana Navka, Leonid Agutin, singer-Tree, and of course his wife Natalia Podolsky.

Most of the evening Vladimir, as befits a true musician, spent on the stage, performing for the audience their most loved hits. And helped him in this Leonid Agutin, which shortly after the start of the holiday rose after Presnyakov on stage.

Leonid Agutin, Vladimir Presnyakov, Tatiana Navka, the singer Elka and Natalia Podolskaya

Photo: Instagram.com

By the way, the party was not without a funny incident that happened with Natalia Podolskaya. At some point, the singer went up to her husband on stage to sing along. However, Vladimir accidentally jerked and fell to the wife of a microphone straight in the teeth. Presnyakov did not even notice, but Agutin, who witnessed this scene, had a good laugh over the birthday boy and his wife.