VIDEO: Vladimir Kristovskiy missed an important event in the life of the son of

ВИДЕО: Владимир Кристовский пропустил важное событие в жизни сына
The musician spoke about reaching Fedor.

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An artist’s life — an endless series of tours. Because of the crazy schedule of concerts (sometimes there is one day in different cities) musicians often miss important events in the lives of their loved ones. Vladimir Kristovskiy recently announced to fans that did not catch the moment when his little son learned to walk.

10-month-old Theodore’s only son, Vladimir, began to make their first confident steps at a time when his dad was on a working visit in Bali. When Kristovskiy returned, he found that the son already “stomping” around the house.

“While I was on a working visit to Bali, the son learned to walk!” — said the singer. Video recording achieve little Fyodor appeared in the microblog proud dad. Fans congratulated Vladimir on such an important event and asked him to write a song about the first steps of his son.

Vladimir Kristovskiy with children: yasmin, Stanislawow, MIA, Uma and their son Theodore

Photo: @Instagram vova_kristovskiy Vladimir Kristovsky

By the way, the daughter of Vladimir from his first marriage, love to play with my little brother. Yasmin, Stanislaus, MIA and Mind are often in the father’s house, and certainly pay a lot of attention to Frank. With a new wife and the Pope, they also found a common language and managed to make friends. Ex-wife Kristovsky in 2015, too, found their happiness and got married for the second time. So, the scandal of the divorce of Vladimir in result ended relatively safely (as possible) for the whole star family.