VIDEO: Vera Vasilyeva visiting Irina Bezrukovoj

ВИДЕО: Вера Васильева в гостях у Ирины Безруковой
Actress met on the stage of the legendary theater.

The heroine of another author’s “a Conversation on stage with
Irina Bezrukovoj”, which will soon be aired on Moscow TV channel “360”,
was Vera Vasilyeva. The program was shot for the first time passed in the Satire Theater, where
many decades are legendary actress. So probably not exactly
to say anyone who has visited — Vasiliev at Bezrukovoj or Vice versa.

Irina admits that she was fascinated by Vera Kuzminichna, which
in September, turned 91. However, looking at this beautiful woman
hard to believe in the reality of these figures. Vasiliev continues to play on the home scene
theater looks great and full of creative plans.

Vera Vasilieva and Irina Bezrukova

Photo: From the private archive of Irina Bezrukovoj

Recall that the authoring program Irina Bezrukovoj goes
live from last year. Shooting many programs took place on the stage of Moscow
provincial theater, which is headed by Sergei Bezrukov. By the way, he was
the first guest of “a Conversation on stage.” In the first season of the TV program people
Irina Bezrukovoj also became Dmitry Dyuzhev, Denis Matsuev, Dmitry Kharatyan and Maxim Dunaevsky.