Видео: Вадим Колганов узнал всю правду о вреде мяса и пользе йоги
The actor became the star of a new online series.

Now Vadim Kolganov knows how to make a TV series without a Director,
writer, with no capital investment and advertising companies. Together with his friend,
actor Stepan Abramov Comedy he invented the Internet-project “sunflower Seeds”, which already have thousands of fans. Kolganov
removes commercials during breaks on the film and then puts them in

Little episodes from behind the scenes of the acting world they
Abramov called “Seeds”. Explaining that such stories are nice to look at
and it is easy to perceive, like eat sunflower seeds. In the new episode, Vadim, and
Stepan, for instance, argue about the dangers of meat products, the benefits of vegetarianism and
yoga. And, it all occurs during the actual break on the set
series featuring Kolganova and Abramov.

Vadim Kolganov

Photo: Instagram Vadim Kolganova

The first Russian actors to take humorous commercials-TV shows
about what happens behind the scenes, began Evgeniy Stychkin and Pavel Derevyanko. Actors
friends for life, but for the project they came up with a storyline of
how jealous of each other. Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Elena Lyadova, too
love to pamper her fans with a funny video that is removed during
walking or collaboration.