VIDEO: tutta Larsen told how the doctor brought her child to hysterics

ВИДЕО: Тутта Ларсен рассказала, как врач довел ее ребенка до истерики
The presenter discussed with the experts, what is the hypertonicity in children.

Tutta Larsen with children

Photo: Press service of hit home Larsen

In the program TUTTA.TV the doctors discuss what the hypertonicity
and Why this diagnosis is often put on infants?

“Personally, I’m diagnosed with hypertonicity of their children do not
faced, we even had the reverse situation, — tells tutta. — When the van in 8 months he started to crawl on their bellies
on the belly I would have thought that he had lack of muscle tone and need him
to help massage. But our pediatrician said
I not to intervene, because the child does not accidentally creeps in this time
there are some necessary processes in
his brain. The intervention may be something to disrupt and prevent child naturally
to develop. I, as a progressive mother, still invited the masseur, and here
after 8 sessions, the child just started yelling, did not take the chest and intervention I
the end refused”.

Neurologist Natalia Turko says on the signs
hypertonicity. If the arms and legs of the newborn are slightly bent and given,
this is a sign that the baby need to check for the presence of hypertonicity. When in the dream the arms and legs of the child are
relax and don’t relax, and when it is difficult to get
hand or reaching for the toy. The doctor believes it is necessary to pay attention to
the diagnosis and begin treatment, because this applies not only to muscles, but
of the internal organs. Hypertonicity may
be manifested by regurgitation, constipation, add a functional disorder
gastrointestinal tract, provoke cramps and delay the development