ВИДЕО: Тимати освоил новую профессию
Rapper a few months I learned to cook culinary masterpieces.

Grigory Leps, Timati

Photo: Alexander Camber

Timothy, as promised, personally prepared
burgers and offered them to the first visitors in the newly opened in shopping center “European” new
Black restaurant Star Burger prime network
Black Star Burger eateries, a co-owner
which is the rapper.

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“We were preparing for the launch and worked the kitchen for
our guests for many months in a row! — shared the artist. — This restaurant
eatery and Steakhouse at a time.” At the opening of the restaurant Timothy
personally cooked dish that calls the new hit of this network. “Calls “Rost-Beef Burger”,
and I still call “juicy is powerful,” says the star. On one side
bread put lettuce, blanched tomatoes. In a skillet fry pre –
processed roast beef, adding to it the meat sauce “demi glace”. Fried meat
put on the tomatoes. Then in a pan pour a mixture of three cheeses: mozzarella,
Parmesan, Dor-blue. When cheese is melted, pour it on the meat on top is
will give the Burger’s juiciness. And close it the other half of the buns, smeared
mustard-pepper sauce”.

By the way, to prepare such
a treat to the culinary process was still beautiful, the rapper spent several
weeks and by the time of the opening of school has brought this skill to perfection.