VIDEO: the wife of Oleg Gazmanov has a new partner

ВИДЕО: У жены Олега Газманова появился новый партнер
Marina told about the big changes in life.

The wife of Oleg Gazmanov — Marina a new hobby. The wife of the captain of the Russian platform recently started to learn to dance. Tango first appeared in Marina’s life as a hobby, and later became a real passion. The day before Marina was the first in her life and the tournament. Brilliantly acted on one of the most prestigious venues in the capital — The Ritz-Carlton, the wife Gazmanov won the title.

Marina Gazmanov with a partner

Photo: @Instagram marinagazmanova Marina Gazmanova

Partner Marina became her teacher Sergei Kurkatov. After the speech, she confessed to him tender feelings. “Today is one the happiest days of my life! My first, the most coveted victory in Argentine tango! First place! I wanted… the champion Cup! Yay! Yay! My partner Sergei Kurkatov — champion of Europe, the best teacher, a reliable partner, a great man! Thank you!” — said Marina. Wife of the actor did not forget to thank for the victory of her husband, Oleg, who, she said, complacently tolerates the hobby of his wife.

By the way, recently Marina posted on Instagram footage of the first professional shooting daughter — Marianne. Young Gazmanov caused a real furor among users of the Network, amazed by the spectacular appearance of 13-year-old girl.