ВИДЕО: звезде сериала «Мамочки» признавались в любви 14 часов
Actress Anna Popova became the heroine of the new video Vitaly Chirva.

Anna Popova and Vitaliy Chirva

Photo: Press service

Perhaps the most memorable in his career, the star
TV series “Mom”, “Brigade. Heir” and “Londongrad. Know our” Anna Popova
may consider starring in the video for the song Vitaly Chirva “How do I
love you.” In just 14 hours, the musician and actress took almost a short
the film is about the relations of men and women.

Chirwa he writes songs for himself, he also became a Director
video together with acclaimed photographer Platon Yurich. Search of the actress has taken a long time. Inviting
the role of his beloved Anna Popova, Vitaly realized that she is really the perfect
the girl who should call the man desire to make such cherished
the words “I love you.”

The shooting took place in the historical center of Moscow. Work,
the opinion of the crew, turned out
very emotional. And in the filmography of the actress appeared real music