VIDEO: the Star of “Dances” Alena Dvoichenkova: “Before the show cheaters took away my livelihood”

ВИДЕО: Звезда «Танцев» Алена Двойченкова: «Перед эфиром шоу мошенники лишили меня средств к существованию»
Exclusive interviews and video of the “girl with apples” on the dance group Little Big, personal life and rowdy past.

The star of the show “DANCING” on TNT Alena Dvoichenkova performed to
the judges of project bright dance in the original topic with the “apples” and the next
day woke up a star of the Internet. The video of her performance is already being called a real bomb. Today the dance of Alena (see video here), has
about three million views. Correspondent met with the “girl with apples”
Saint-Petersburg and learned how she decided to wear such lavish outfit,
why teachers at the school breathed a sigh of relief when she finished it, and who
deprived of the dancer’s livelihood shortly before its broadcast debut on “Dancing”.

ВИДЕО: Звезда «Танцев» Алена Двойченкова: «Перед эфиром шоу мошенники лишили меня средств к существованию»

Alena Dvoichenkova

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

— Alena, the Network
discuss your not only an amazing performance but your original topic.
How dare to speak in it?

— The room I danced to the music group Little Big performance, consisting of five different dance styles. There is very much more mixed, not just Vogue. Thinking of the movement, began to think of a way. Here
I remembered that when we were shooting the clip Hateful love group Little Big,
one of the Actresses Yana Kryukova, involved in the music video, was this topic. It was on the backstage.
I was delighted — long ugorayu “apples” with one stone.
Thought if I wear it for the room it will be a great addition to
my chosen image. I call it “bitch”: arrogant and bitchy girl (laughs). Arriving, I was immediately warned not only producers, but also
all on set: I’m in the topic with an unusual print, it’s not apples and
pussy. And asked: is it possible to dance? I said Yes, of course,
dance. I was sure the judges will ask about it and discuss it. What I did not expect, is that Miguel can kiss my one
from “apples”. All I heard was: “Can I kiss you?” Thought kiss
cheek… (smiles). A dialogue with Miguel before the show make me mad and
helped to go in that way, which was necessary for the dance. This is not the case,
when such a outfit looks matter. Of course, he is ambitious, but not
justified. And then, I’d rather wear a tube top pussy than I will Shine bare booty,
showing her on camera. I have tried to close the body, I was
comfortable in jeans and a high top. Going into the project, I was just happy. And
when the video began to gain popularity, were all in shock. I still don’t
can you believe people write to me that so many of them. I have now social networks are about five
thousands of messages. I want to meet all the fans, but I’m not physically
time to do it. Everyone who supports me and believes in me
I would like your version to say thank you. For me it is very valuable. In
overall, right now in my life. Maybe that’s why a few days before
the broadcast happened to me a bad story.

What’s the story?

I was deceived by the fraudsters. As a result, I was deprived of
into existence. Gave the representative a liar all my money and only
the next day I realized, what a fool. This lady said that invites me
to audition for an advertising company: a prestigious and well
pay. And explained that in order to participate, you need a diploma
the end of the school model. Don’t know what she did, but I was like a zombie.
At that moment it seemed to me that this diploma is indispensable to me and it is urgently necessary
she has to buy. I paid… Only then, after looking at the website, where the firm,
realized that it was a one-day site. By phone where he told me about the model
the Agency and the auditions didn’t answer. Of course, I was very upset. And then,
decided that the way Providence has paid for the good now
me. Well, that paid only by money, not their own
health, or, God forbid, happiness and health of their loved ones. At this point I was very supported and comforted mom.
Said it was an invaluable experience, and it is useful to me in the future. I have
great parents: the father and mother. While I was growing up, they with me
hardship. (laughs)

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