VIDEO: the Husband of Sasha Savelyeva met her future son-in-law

Kirill Safonov found a common language with the elect of his daughter.

Sasha Savelyeva with great respect to her husband’s profession — actor Kirill Safonov. The singer is the most ardent admirer of her husband. She accompanies her spouse at all the premieres and even travels with him on tour. At the same Savelyeva also quite busy speaking schedule, so sometimes she misses important events for Kirill.

Recently, Kirill has held a performance in London, where he arrived with the troupe “Contemporary”. On the stage of the Piccadilly Theatre, the Russian theatre presented three plays at once in the production Volchek: “Three comrades” by Remarque, “Three sisters” by Chekhov and “Two for the seesaw” by Gibson, where Safonov went to one of the main roles. This time Savelyev could not go with her husband on tour, than very upset with Cyril. In fact, besides the performances in the life of an actor, there was another important event: meeting with the future son-in-law.

Safonov said that during his visit to Britain for the first time met with the choice of his 22-year-old daughter Anastasia. A young man called Stephen. Cyril is not a lot said about the future son-in-law. The actor was limited to the review that Stephen is an Englishman by nationality, in which flows the blood of the Irish. The young man, apparently, made however a good impression. About his acquaintance Cyril said in the filming of the program “Relish”.