VIDEO: the ex-soloist SEREBRO shared the first details of the Grand wedding

ВИДЕО: экс-солистка SEREBRO поделилась первыми подробностями грандиозной свадьбы
Daria Shashina married a member of the show “the Voice.”

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15 Aug “died down” a Grand wedding celebration eks-the soloist SEREBRO Daria Casinoi. But the first details about a big event, the singer revealed just days later. Husband of the singer became a member of the show “the Voice” Ivan Chebanov, the novel which she started two years ago.

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“We came back to reality, while at zero strength, but I’m ready to start talking about our “svetlakova” wedding. We planned to make our holiday magical, incredible, soul and when. We knew it would be good but it exceeded all expectations! It was the wedding of my dreams! Better I can’t imagine now! I jumped to the ceiling and all night cried from happiness! Thanks to my best friend, ally and loved Vanyusha! Without you this would all not exist! I would second the difficulty of all thrown and has thrown all his ideas!” — said Daria after a magical wedding.

ВИДЕО: экс-солистка SEREBRO поделилась первыми подробностями грандиозной свадьбы

Darya Shashina

Photo: @Instagram iamluuna Daria Casinoi

The wedding of Daria changed two looks in one she held a formal part of the celebration, and the second, shorter and more convenient, incendiary danced the first dance with the groom. It is known that the celebration was planned a few months and at the last moment, almost fell. Because of the incident Shashina came for a day in the hospital. What was the cause of her breakdown, the singer promised to tell later.

Daria Shashina and Ivan Chebanov


Recall that Daria left the band SEREBRO due to health problems. She couldn’t be high heels, which was forced to leave the band. However, Shashina about the end of work with Maxim Fadeev does not regret. She recently told the Network that was not able to make friends with other members of the team. It does not intend to return to the group and liaises with Olga Seryabkina and Pauline Tabor.