VIDEO: Tatiana Navka with her husband and children were reunited in Spain

ВИДЕО: Татьяна Навка с мужем и детьми воссоединились в Испании
Family skater spent may holidays in Barcelona.

Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov, gave their children the tale: the may holidays the family spent in Spain. In Barcelona skater and her husband took with him a daughter Tatiana, Alexander, and three children from his first marriage, Dmitry: Elizabeth, Mike, and Denis. Hope is still syscom small for trips.

Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov children

Photo: @tatiana_navka (Instagram Tatiana Navka)

Their emotions from what you see all the family members willingly shared on social networks. Elizabeth, by the way, despite being the daughter of a diplomat, was in Spain for the first time. “For the first time in Spain. Barcelona is a city with unique architecture (Gaudi, of course, impressed) and the atmosphere, to live where I could not… be more than 4-5 days too… PS Vicky Cristina Barcelona is one of my favorite movies!” she said. But Tatiana has developed a more positive impression from Barcelona. “Unreal city!” — briefly said Navka.