VIDEO: Tatiana Navka put on skates the whole family

ВИДЕО: Татьяна Навка поставила на коньки всю семью
Went out on the ice even a two year old Nadya.

Olympic champion Tatiana Navka for the first time brought the younger
daughter — 2-year-old Hope — on the ice. It happened at the rehearsal of the next release
show “Ice age”, where she performs in a pair with actor Andrew

The girl started to prepare for the opening, wearing skates, to
start learning to walk in them around the house. First time out on the ice, the girl is not
scared, on the contrary, felt, and acted very confidently. In these workouts
took part not only Nadia, but the rest of the family, Tatyana’s husband
Dmitry and his older daughter Alexandra.

Tatiana Navka with her daughter Alexandra and show partner, Andrew Borkowski

Photo: @tatiana_navka (Instagram Tatiana Navka)

“Today, our family day skating — shared
Tatiana. — In a sports family, healthy mind and good spirits! Just
you have to love life! Charge of all sports and positive! Nadia first came to
skates us is 2.2. This, of course, early for her age. Why not be equal
on us.”