ВИДЕО: Стас Костюшкин перестал скрывать лицо младшего сына
The singer celebrated the first birthday of Myron.

Another celebrity couple has ceased to hide the face of their child. Stas Kostyushkin and his wife were declassified his younger son, Myron. Almost the entire first year of life of his younger son, the singer with his wife carefully hid the boy from too much attention. But now, when Myron turned one, the couple with great pleasure demonstrated by his heir fans.

The son, according to fans, very much like his popular father, however, as the second child of the couple — Bogdan. By the way, on the days Kostyushkina celebrated the first birthday of Myron. That day the couple decided to celebrate in the restaurant, he had gathered all his closest friends and relatives. At the end of the night the birthday boy received a gift of a huge cake with the bear. The candle helped him blow out his mom and dad rented a solemn moment on camera.