VIDEO: star of “Kitchen” Nikita Tarasov forgot what I was doing after the wedding

ВИДЕО: звезда «Кухни» Никита Тарасов забыл, что делал после свадьбы
The sudden recognition of the actor.

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The last day of summer Nikita Tarasov was a married man.
The actor got married with his beloved Marina Gavryushina. The ceremony was
only members of the family, star of TV series “Kitchen” avoids unnecessary hype associated with
his personal life.

The star of the show “Kitchen” Nikita Tarasov married!

By the way, the honeymoon Nikita and Marina until we left.
Tarasov had to stay in Moscow to take part in the festival “HALOFEST”
along with other stars: Timur Rodriguez, Lisa Arzamasova, Maxim Averin,
Alisa Grebenschikova.

Normal, it would seem, the question is — what did Nikita the day before, the
Of knowledge, brought the actor into confusion. Perhaps, therefore, he entered the
role, because then Tarasov on the summer stage was voiced by the Soviet filmstrips and
he got the poem by Samuel Marshak “That’s a stray from the street
Pool”. Or does the actor simply decided to keep silent about what was going on
the day after his wedding…

Recording of Alla parade with the participation of stars who opened the “HALOFEST”
in the garden of “Hermitage”, please click here>>