ВИДЕО: Звезда «СашаТаня» улетел на съемки в Голливуд
Andrew Hagolan appeared in his first American film.

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Andrew Hagolan and his wife Diana not long ago flew to the United States. Fans speculated that the couple went overseas just for vacation, but as it turned out, the actor came to America to shoot. The star of “I” is removed in the American project, whose name yet keeps secret. It is known only that the Russian star got the role of astrophysics.

Andrew Hagolan

Photo: @Instagram gaydulyan Andrew Giulana

Before Andrei was the first day of shooting: the work was carried out on the coast in California. Video from the site Hagolan published in social networks. Fans are proud of the fact that Andrew was able to achieve such success because of the filming of the Hollywood dream, almost without exception, the actors.

Hagolan recently commented on his new role and said that he feels himself at the threshold of something entirely new. Anyway, shooting in the overseas project will definitely help him to gain indispensable professional experience.