ВИДЕО: звезда Аллы Пугачевой появилась на Голливудской Аллее Славы
People’s artist explained how it happened.

Hello!You believe this joke? Ridiculously.

A post shared by ALLA PUGACHEVA (@alla_orfey) on Jan 31, 2018 at 1:38pm PST

Network turmoil: the reason for hot discussions
Internet users became a video posted by Christina Orbakaite. On
the singer, walking along with Philip Kirkorov at the Hollywood walk of fame,
showed a close-up star Alla Pugacheva. Fans began amicably
to congratulate Alla Borisovna, so she had no choice as
to intervene in this situation. «Hello! You believe this joke? — marvelled
people’s artist. — Ridiculously!»

ВИДЕО: звезда Аллы Пугачевой появилась на Голливудской Аллее Славы

New photo: Alla Pugacheva attracted a record number of compliments in the Network

Subscribers microblog Diva could not understand,
what they have seen is not true. “Why the gag? Is that,
not the truth? No, I do not believe that this is a joke, I’m going down now look, as
I live near!”wrote the angry fans.

All about the star

Alla Pugacheva

And only one of million army of fans
Alla said that in Hollywood there is an interesting service. That
called, “any whim for your money”. A star with any name, even “Bob
DOE”, you can temporarily set on the walk of Fame to remove the monument on
video or photo. Then the star disappears. By the way, the Aguilera, posting a video, immediately said that this is nothing more than a joke. But
most of the subscribers it is also not believed. “Alla — a real star! Her
place on the walk of Fame! Finally!”— they wrote.