VIDEO: Son of Ksenia Novikova became a comedian

ВИДЕО: Сын Ксюши Новиковой стал юмористом
8-year-old Myron tries himself in the comic genre.

The eldest son
Ksenia Novikova seems to have chosen the profession: the guy is clearly not going to go on
her footsteps and become a singer. Miron tries his hand at Comedy, and trains it on their own, telling them jokes. Ksenia interests of the boy to his liking, and
she enjoys sharing with her fans a video with the work of the son.

ВИДЕО: Сын Ксюши Новиковой стал юмористом

Ksenia Novikova sons Myron and Bogdan

humor — he is, — says Ksenia. — My children for a long time, I think,
not catching the humor at all. No, of course not, they are entertained with something completely different in
the most strange (in my opinion, adult cartoons). Or they always
love to laugh very loudly along with placed on the voice of applause to
TV show or series. Moreover, it was evident at once that it was just a laugh
for the laughter all laughed, and I laughed! It was so sweet and from the heart, and
now the guys interested in these anecdotes, of childhood, of course. So
to say boldly stepped on the step up and firmly next to the “Sold out”.
Here and amuse us! I forgot! My terribly fond of me to giggle when
I , for one, fall, or drop, or sit by the chair.”

Myron and Bogdan in the city of masters

Myron as well
dancing, a month later, with the beginning of the training he even took 2nd place on
his first ever tournament hip-hop! The second son Novikova, 6-year-old Bogdan, too
chooses the future of the business, the boy has already mastered skating. By the way, Ksenia is very
closely monitoring the education of children, and periodically leads the children to the city
masters of “Masterslavl”, where children learn the real male professions — builders, rescuers and firefighters.