VIDEO: Son of Evelina Bledans is making progress on the horse riding lessons

ВИДЕО: Сын Эвелины Бледанс делает успехи на занятиях по верховой езде
Little Simon was an experienced rider.

Son of Evelina Bledans makes the first sporting successes.
Four year old Simon is engaged in horse riding and have kept steadily on horse. Horse riding is a unique therapy,
recommended for children with special needs. For SEMA it became one of the most
favorite activities, he even has his own pony bead, with which the boy
formed friendships, so unlike most children Simon without
fear rides.

Evelina and Sam

“I’m more afraid, — says Evelina. — Try all the time
to keep him, but Sam sits quietly
top, can stroke his Bead, true feed yet afraid. In General,
horses for special children is the best therapy, by the way, they ride a horse without
seat because the baby needs to fully touch and feel the horse. We do
on the racetrack at the resurrection new Jerusalem monastery. This is a very sacred
a place you can just walk to the Holy places, to see beautiful
buildings, besides, there are craft events, so here
spend time interesting for both children and adults”.