ВИДЕО: Солисты группы MBAND увлеклись балетом
The musicians presented the new clip.

Group MBAND unveiled a new video for the song Constantine
Meladze, “Ballerina”, which became the soundtrack of the same cartoon.
In the filming of the video took part the pupils of the Russian National Ballet
School Ilze Liepa — 9-year-old Daria Pavlova and 17-year-old Maria Kirsanova. Young
the actress became the personification of the main character of the cartoon “the Ballerina” — Feliz.

ВИДЕО: Солисты группы MBAND увлеклись балетом

Group MBAND Anatoly Tsoy, Artem Pindyura and Nikita Kiosse dancers

Photo: film distribution company VOLGA

The plot of the video tells about a girl from
of the orphanage who dreams
only one thing — becoming a famous ballerina. Front of her waiting for the magic
the adventure of a lifetime. And no difficulties can stand in her way to
achieve the dream.

The shooting of the video MBAND took place in St. Petersburg in the historic halls
The mansion of A. A. Polovtsev, was built in 1835. The mansion is famous for its
preserved since pre-revolutionary times interiors. The historic House locations
The architect could not be better fit in the storyline of the cartoon. After all
action animated film takes place in Paris
the end of the XIX century.
In the Russian hire the film “Ballerina” is out January 26.


Photo: film distribution company VOLGA