ВИДЕО: певица Слава показала эротику
The actress flew with her husband and daughter to relax on the Maldives.

Most of the stars of the Russian show-business have already returned from vacation, but the singer Glory vacation started only recently. The other day the singer in the company of her husband — Anatoly Danilinho and younger daughter Antonina flown to the Maldives.

Glory admits that yet still believes in happiness. “Here Is Paradise!” — she wrote. In his microblog artist boasted that stayed at a luxury hotel. In proof of his words, the singer has published a video made at the pool.

Singer Slava

Photo: @nastya_slava Instagram Fame

By the way, stay almost every star is not complete without a beach photo in her swimsuit. So Glory decided not to lag behind and showed pictures, which captured a bikini. “A bit of erotica!” — signed one of the frames singer.

Recall that earlier this year appeared the information that Glory is preparing, finally, to get married with Anatoly. They have been together for almost 15 years, but have yet to formalize their relationship officially.