VIDEO: shocking footage of a battered star of the show “Betrayal” of Olga Khokhlova

ВИДЕО: шокирующие кадры избитой звезды сериала «Измены» Ольги Хохловой
The actress was forced to return home in dark glasses.

The neighbours of Olga Khokhlova suspected that the star of the TV series
“Treason”, “Daddy’s girls” and “Seraphim Beautiful” became the victim of an attack, or
worse — domestic violence, when he appeared in her yard with a huge
a bruise on half of her face. It was noticeable that attention embarrassing the actress, although she
tried to stay with dignity.

ВИДЕО: шокирующие кадры избитой звезды сериала «Измены» Ольги Хохловой

Olga Khokhlova

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Olga Khokhlova

Photo: From personal archive of Olga Khokhlova

However, reason for concern. Just Olga returned
home from filming another project in makeup and decided to beat his on-screen
image. Acting etude, I must say, she managed to “excellent”.

“You just look at the work of makeup. This bruise is just
a work of art, so I decided not to wash it and show my husband,” said Khokhlova.

By the way, my husband and Vyacheslav they live in perfect harmony already a lot
decades. Olga does not hide that first drew attention to his
future spouse, but showed feminine wiles to make her
offer. Vyacheslav supports his wife in everything and when something did not resist moving their families to Moscow from Vladivostok, where Khokhlova served in the Primorsky regional
academic theatre. The risk paid off: Olga noticed in Moscow and the theater, and film Directors, including Nikita Mikhalkov, who invited the actress to the only female role in the sensational film “12”.