Видео: Сергей Шнуров показал «Сиськи»

Sergey Shnurov and group “Leningrad” new song dedicated to the female breast.

The composition is the indelicate name of “Tits.”

On 5 September, as promised, a Cord clip for this song will be published. The main role there, as in the previous video, sang Julia Topol’nitskiy. Despite the title of the song laid the spicy sense, the clip Julia will appear to us pregnant. Topol’nitskiy suggested to play a girl who is looking for love, going through between guide, Manager, driver, employee of management of traffic police and the seller.

The author of the clip was Anna Parmas – Director, who shot almost all the previous clips of the “Leningrad”.

We predicted that the new video will be no less interesting than the previous one.

To stir interest in future premiere decided Cords personally.

On the official page of the “Leningrad” in Instagram there was a fragment of the song “Tits”. Here’s how it sounds and looks:

“Drilling the neighbors will stop

Friendly will

In beer fresh from the taps stout

Almost free of charge will flow

And the sanctions will be lifted immediately

Magnitsky these lists

It’s warm, the cold will disappear

When I insert



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