VIDEO: Sergey Shnurov lit at a friend’s wedding

ВИДЕО: Сергей Шнуров зажег на свадьбе друга
The star of “Leningrad” Vsevolod Antonov married in Pavlovsk.

Sergey Shnurov married his friend and colleague on group “Leningrad”
Vsevolod Antonov, better known as “Civic” and became famous after
execution of the hit “HLS”. The musician became the legitimate husband of red-haired beauties
which is significantly younger than the performer.

Microblogging Cord that published the wedding photo, here
the same has been enriched with comments from enthusiastic fans, which in the first
turn, appreciated the magnificent bust of the girl.

The couple themselves fascinated the guests with the wedding ceremony,
performing the song “Wedding”. Antonov spoke in his usual role of the vocalist
and the bride was accompanied by her beloved piano.

The celebration took place near St. Petersburg in the town of Pavlovsk,
where all members of the group flew in specially for the sake of “Sevice”. For this purpose
Sergey Shnurov paused in the tour team for two days. Immediately
after the holiday, “Leningrad” will continue the tour — from St. Petersburg musicians will go
in Tbilisi, to please the guests and citizens of Georgia with his performance.

Sergey Shnurov, Vsevolod Antonov