VIDEO: Sergey Lazarev was arrested on the eve 34th birthday

ВИДЕО: Сергея Лазарева арестовали накануне 34-летия
Singer celebrated a personal holiday away from home.

Sergey Lazarev celebrates 34-year anniversary. For many years, the birthday of the artist, falls to his tour, so to spend the day with his family he fails. However, this does not mean that the birthday was left without a cake and congratulations. “Which year you celebrate your birthdays on tour… in different cities… fun! Today OTHERS caught up with me in Orenburg! Take first congratulations!” — said Lazarev. The singer revealed that his team had prepared for him a surprise in the form of original cake.

Photo: @lazarevsergey (Instagram Sergey Lazarev)

The word on the eve of the birthday of Sergei was loud premiere of the video for his new song, “Lucky Stranger”, which promises to be a hit this spring. On the filming in the Lazarev once again had the chance to demonstrate the talent of the comedian. In the story, the hero Sergei gets in trouble, which is arrested. In creating the video took part star Comedy Woman Maria Kravchenko and Alexander Gudkov.