VIDEO: Rose Sabitova surprised own son

ВИДЕО: Розу Сябитову удивил собственный сын
Presenter found out about the sudden fascination with the 27-year-old Denis.

Rose Sabitova son Denis and daughter Xenia

Photo: Syabitova (Facebook Roses Sabitova)

Rose Sabitova was pleasantly surprised to learn about a hobby of his
28-year-old son Denis. It turned out, in his spare time the young man
enjoys simultaneous translation of foreign films.

“A pleasant surprise to know that my son Denis
keen on translation and dubbing Western films — shared TV presenter.
—.So great when the voice of my son
say movie stars!” However, subscribers Rose reacted to the talent of Denis very
skeptical. “Very similar to the transfer of bottling the 90-ies…” Remembered rose and
former “merits” of the son, namely, the peculiar behavior of most Sabitova when
she two years ago have made Denis a hero “let’s get married!”

Then rose in conversation with he explained his action. “I have persuaded son to come on the program. It
of course, cost considerable effort. My daughter Ksenia was twice on the show. The first time
she participated at the age of 19 years and the result is realized, what is
to be a girl. The second time it has positioned itself as a bride. Now
Denis graduated from the University, writing diploma. He already has three keys:
apartment, car and office, so it’s time to build a family. I, as a mother,
decided to take care of his personal life. I invited son to show to,
the one hand, to show the country what I have it good, and with another — to show
him what it means to be fiancé, and later husband,” — said Sabitova.