ВИДЕО: Роман Костомаров научился летать и нырять одновременно
Champion mastered in the leisure and extreme sport.

During the holidays on exotic Islands Roman Kostomarov
have learned to manage phlebotom. This device raises man above the water
with the help of hydraulic pump. As due to the significant weight of 82 kg skater could not
to fly to maximum altitude, he learned not only to float but also to dive
as a Dolphin. This entertainment took much effort, even such a trained
the athlete, as Kostomarov. It is noticeable that Roman was tired after several spectacular

On vacation Kostomarov went with his wife Oksana domninoj and children:
6-year-old daughter Anastasia, and one-year-old son, whom the couple have yet
never showed and didn’t even reveal his name. But the daughter of Champions has become
star of dad’s pages in social networks. Roman loves Cindy, he leads her on
training for tennis and is with her at the rink.

ВИДЕО: Роман Костомаров научился летать и нырять одновременно

Oksana Domnina and Roman Kostomarov

Photo: @romankostomarovkrs (Instagram Roman Kostomarov)

Roman Kostomarov with her daughter Nastya

Photo: @romankostomarovkrs (Instagram Roman Kostomarov)

Recall that the story of one of the most beautiful pair in figure skating
Catania could form the basis of a romantic novel, full of twists and turns. Oksana and
Roman lived for several years in a civil marriage, had a daughter. Then
Domnina Kostomarov left to the actor Vladimir Yaglych, which is closer in
ice TV show. But the novel did everything to return the favorite. When Domnina
and Kostomarov began to live together again, they finally officially got married in
for the second time become parents.