VIDEO: Roma Zver is preparing for an important event in his life

ВИДЕО: Рома Зверь готовится к важному событию в своей жизни
The leader of group “Beasts” has organized a unique festival.

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From 13 to 23 October “Chocolate shop” on the “Red
October” will turn into an art-cluster, which will bring together renowned musicians
poets, photographers and other artists. Ideology will be the leader of the group
ANIMALS that will show gallery of your mobile phone to everyone.

“The idea is very simple, but I haven’t seen someone
media personalities have done something similar. I will exhibit the pictures,
done on your phone. I think, in every smartphone there are three or five
thousands of photos, depending on your love for this lesson. I am in total,
will present about 1500 photos shot throughout the year
last October,” says Roma Beast.

Visitors to the exhibition will see many family photos,
which novel is rarely exhibited at the show will be footage of life on tour, from
travel, reportage photography and other telephone points. The leader of the group ANIMALS
long does not restrict his musical creativity and is known to many as
reportage photographer, poet, artist and addicting nature. The same interesting
and diverse people he will gather in the framework of the cycle of creative meetings

Day the site will work as a photo exhibition of Roma
Of the beast, and in the evening visitors can enjoy a creative evening with the participation of invited
guests from the worlds of film, music and photography. Among them, group of ANIMALS, the Director
Alexander Voitinsky, producer Valeriy Polienko, photographer Alexey Nikishin,
singer Nani Eva, musician Vadim Korolev (OQJAV), a group of NERVES and, of course, himself
Roma Zver. Visitors will hear acoustic concerts, watch a movie about Yegor
Letov “Great and eternal”, will visit lectures and find out who is the
the winner of the poetry contest “Poetry on a napkin.” will
conduct an online broadcast of the festival of Roma Beast. Meet on Saturday after 18: 00!

Rum the Beast with my daughter Olga

Photo: personal archive of the musician