Видео: Рене Зеллвегер не знает, кто отец ее будущего ребенка
After 11 years of waiting, continue shooting of the adventures of Bridget Jones.

“Bridget Jones 3”

Photo: Universal Russia

The most anticipated premiere of the fall – of course, a film about the universal
darling-loser Bridget Jones. The third part of the popular franchise with Renee
Zellweger in the title role had been waiting hours. For 11 years! After the second
the film “Bridget Jones: the edge of the possible” came out already in 2004, and since then
the audience wanted to know about the future of bbw Bridget (Renee Zellweger,
as you know, I had to play this role great better).

But the hope melted away with
every day and year. Renee Zellweger left in the shade, and in some period and does
ceased to act. And when she first appeared in public, everyone gasped to see the actress was impossible. She flatly rejected rumors that its transformation – it is
hands of plastic surgeons. She continues to insist that her appearance has changed only thanks to healthy and serene lifestyle away from the Hollywood bustle. And of course, Renee insists that the source for it is a new love. For four years the actress
lives with musician Doyle Bramhill, originally from Texas, whom she knew in

But most “new” image of the actress did not like, and
this background appeared rumors that now she certainly will not be able to play
Bridget Jones in the third film (despite the written by this time
writer Helen Fielding scenario) — for the simple reason that nobody knows. The names were called
other Actresses who might try to replace Renee. However, producers and
the Studio has decided to shoot the film with only Zellweger. As you know, in
the project categorically refused to participate Hugh Grant, who played one of the gentlemen
unlucky in love Bridget in the previous two paintings. Colin Firth, he
the incomparable Mr. Darcy, though unlike Zellweger, and has got over 11 years of wrinkles,
agreed to act in the image of a successful lawyer who desperately
in love with Bridget. On the role of another suitor of Bridget invited the actor Patrick
Dempsey. It was impossible to leave her alone with Mr. Darcy. Dempsey plays
pleasant in all respects a millionaire. Here and who knows, one of them was
Bridget in an interesting position. Moreover, they say that it is unknown not only
heroin, but even with the actress. In the script was purposely written several
final versions (and thus, different variants of the paternity of the child Bridget),
and they were all removed. But what awaits the heroine and the audience, is kept secret.

Bridget will not disappoint their fans: the heroine Renee still manages to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and,
perhaps not with the man who designed her destiny.

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