VIDEO: Renata Litvinova published a classified video of Zemfira

ВИДЕО: Рената Литвинова опубликова секретное видео Земфиры
The actress together with singer visited the set of “Evening Urganta”.

Renata Litvinova has published a secret video of Zemfira. Rock singer
not only appeared in public, but took part in the filming of the First
channel. Come to the Studio the flamboyant star was persuaded Ivan Urgant. Renata
published in the microblog the video where Paul plays drums: these frames will not be included in the broadcast.

By the way, the singer this year changed its habits. If
previously, she led a private life, it now often posing as its
friends for photos, which they willingly share on social networks. And in the summer
Zemfira noisy celebrated his birthday in the company of Renata Litvina and
Svetlana Bondarchuk.

The only thing remains unchanged — the rock star is extremely
negative attitude to journalists and avoids contact with
representatives of the media.

So, in August of this year Zemfira scored another controversial outburst. At the entrance to
The Latvian national Opera in Riga, where was held the play
Mikhail Baryshnikov, the singer put on quite a show using
profanity, from which much resembled a nervous breakdown.

Renata Litvinova, Zemfira, Ivan Urgant