VIDEO: Regina todorenko was left without a co-host

ВИДЕО: Регина Тодоренко осталась без соведущей
Travel show “heads and Tails” have been personnel changes.

Regina todorenko and Lesya Nikityuk

Photo: Press service of the TV channel “Friday!”

In the new season on TV channel “Friday!” command
The “eagle and Tails” will continue “heavenly-hellish” trip around the world. But in the season of “Paradise
and hell – 2” the fans can expect changes, most of which will be the emergence of new

Fans of the adorable Lesya Nikityuk not worth it
upset: the girl didn’t left the project, she just went on vacation. “I do
forgot what it’s like to be a hostess! Recently washed the curtains, and they became
shorter by 10 centimeters. So forgive me friends, but I want to live a normal
life,” says Lesya.

Regina todorenko will continue traveling the world.
Moreover, this season it will mark the anniversary and visit his hundredth country!
Now in each of the studied city “eagle and Tails” will be looking for a wonderful and
terrible. But who is going to travel around the world instead of Lesi, the audience
“Friday!”” discover very soon.