ВИДЕО: рэпер T-killah остался на Мальдивах без одежды
During the rest of the musician’s happened an embarrassing incident.


Photo: Instagram T-killah

Cycling on the beach one of the Maldives was given to Alexander
Tarasov (known under the pseudonym T-killah) with great difficulty. Despite the excellent physical form,
the musician was able to drive only a few dozen meters, and then the wheels stuck in
white sand.

However, fans of, first and foremost, drew attention to the outfit
the musician. Due to the efforts of Alexander the shorts came down so hard that all
saw the bottoms of the rapper. But he “winterized” for a reason, after all, happened before
the small incident…

In a personal video archive of the rapper left the movie, which is seen
as a musician minted by the pool soccer ball around the pool at his Villa. It
thigh was wrapped in a bath towel, which suddenly eased. T-killah for a few seconds left, what
mother had not yet picked up the towel and don’t cover them. So now he
hedged and is just two units beachwear.