Видео ссоры Джонни Деппа и Эмбер Херд появилось в cети

In the Internet appeared the video shot by amber heard during their fights with johnny Depp, which was the reason of the divorce process.

In the Internet appeared the video of the quarrel johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) and amber heard (Amber Heard). It enraged actor kicks kitchen and slams the Cabinet doors and swears loudly, while his wife stands to the side and quietly removes all on the phone. At the end of the video, Depp sees this and grabs the phone out of the hands of heard.

“I’m not responsible for the appearance of this video on the Internet. I didn’t want to do everything possible that the video was removed from free access,” said Hurd.

The video was filmed a month before the start of the divorce process. According to sources, it was edited and can’t be used in court.

Earlier the former wife of actor Vanessa Paradis (Vanessa Paradis) has agreed to testify at the hearing and will be present at the next hearing on August 17.

Just in defense of Depp will perform about twenty witnesses, among them police officers, security guards and concierges who saw a couple from 21 to 27 may. From the Hurd will perform seven people — family members and friends of the actress.

On first hearing, held on August 6, Hurd refused to answer the lawyer’s questions. The lawyers failed to reach agreement and the hearing was postponed for a week. A week later, on August 13, she arrived in the courtroom on time, but details of the meeting are still unknown.

Amber filed for divorce in may of this year, accusing the actor of domestic violence. It requires the husband spousal support in the amount of $50,000 per month, and complete information about financial status.

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