VIDEO: Pregnant Kate Gordon celebrated the birthday

ВИДЕО: Беременная Катя Гордон отпраздновала день рождения
Anfisa Chekhov has congratulated the friend.

Katya Gordon and Anfisa Chekhov

Photo: Star Hleb

Kate Gordon happily celebrated his 36th birthday. Holiday
get a double, the second occasion was the presentation of the debut album of Katya “Sex&Drama”. During the evening leading changed
a few of the outfits that emphasize her interesting situation: Kate is on
five months pregnant and expecting a son. Additions to the family look forward to
waiting for four-year-old son of Gordon Daniel. But the father of the child Katia prefers not to apply, believing that happiness loves silence.

To congratulate Kate birthday came her close friend
Anfisa Chekhov.

“The album, Katie is called “Sex & Drama” — smiling presenter. But in
our only Sex and cuddling, no drama”.

Kate was just happy and the fact that the title song
album the next day took 18th place in the prestigious music ranking,
and the fact that she had so many friends.

“I feel Detochkin after the show — admitted
Katya, pointing to bouquets of flowers. That was pretty cool. In addition thank you, you have nothing to say.
Thank you to this year. Thank you to everyone that greeted me. Everyone who has stayed with
me from previous years. Everyone who kissed and everyone who threw a stone.
Each event day, each occasion for laughter and for tears. Anyone who
praised and everyone who has pozloslovit. It was all very real, very
me. I know exactly who I am and what I want. And this is happiness”.