VIDEO: Pink struck a deadly stunt

ВИДЕО: Пинк поразила смертельно опасным трюком
The singer admitted that she was really scary.



Statement, Pink has become the brightest event held recently
the awards ceremony American Music Awards.
And it wasn’t just that the 38-year-old singer performed his excellent vocal number,
and that she did it at a dizzying height on the wall
The 34-storey skyscraper.

The audience gasped when they saw the live broadcast as Pink, which only
10 months ago gave birth to her second child, son jameson — out of the window on the glass scene
of the building. But this all began:
then it was joined by a few of trapeze artists from the troupe Bandaloop, and they are all together
performed a breathtaking choreographic-acrobatic composition with flip
and supports. All participants, including Pink, worked, of course, with insurance.
But seeing as the singer was hanging at a terrifying height on a thin rope, it was all
still scary…

However, and very Pink admitted that she was horrible — especially in the beginning,
when she started rehearsals. “This is the worst, the most insane
the experience of my life. The first day I was panicking. I was scared
not even height and dizziness, and the fact that I won’t be able to breathe in
time room and hence fail how to sing… I said: “do Not
know if I’ll be able to do it!” But my partners made me feel bad, and then began to reveal to me the secrets of his art. But
the most striking thing is that, with the help of amazing gymnasts from Bandaloop, we
the room rehearsed in just five days!” — said Pink.