VIDEO: “Pesnyary” presented a new song

ВИДЕО: «Песняры» представили новую песню
In Moscow held a presentation “pernarowski” composition “Swan”.

ВИДЕО: «Песняры» представили новую песню

Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova

Photo: Julia Given

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the legendary Vladimir Mulyavin ensemble
“Pesnyary” under management of honoured artist of Belarus Leonid Bortkiewicz
prepared a grandiose gift for all fans of the Great
Pesnyary. The band recorded the last song “Lebed” Vladimir Mulyavin,
which artist did not have time to fulfill.

“Creativity Mulyavin left
an indelible mark in music, — says the soloist of the ensemble Leonid Leonidovich
Bortkevich. — Like Mozart, he was the first independent musician, you could say
revolutionary. I have no doubt draw Parallels between the two great men,
lived in a different era. Like Mozart, Mulyavin drew music from the people and
has entered her human feelings. During his life he had to overcome
all kinds of life obstacles. If today Mulyavin could use all
ways of marketing, (as do not the greatest talent), I think
“Pesnyary” would surpass many world stars and outshine the world of the show. To
unfortunately, not in life, and after death he was made an icon”. By the way, the song “Swan” was performed by new vocalist ensemble Andrew Eronin.

Igor Nikolaev Julia Proskuryakova, Yuri and Lyudmila Malikova

Photo: Julia Given

This evening, the restaurant was only best hits
“Pesnyary” performed by the band under the leadership of Leonid Bortkiewicz. Guests of the event,
among them was Igor Nikolaev with his wife Julia and Yuriy Malikov with his wife Lyudmila, recalled the great Pesnyary. “Leonid Bortkevich was an idol for me in the world of music, — admitted Igor Nikolaev. — I really appreciate the friendship with him and the musicians of this wonderful ensemble. It is encouraging that Bortkiewicz is always in creative search always produces something new. The team keeps the tradition and unforgettable magic malevinsky music.” Yuriy Malikov said that Bortkiewicz he knows since the 70-ies and they’re friends to this day. “Lena I even offered at one time to become a soloist of the “Gems”, but he was always dedicated to “Pesnyary” — govorit Malikov is a senior. — It’s worth it!”

Premiere of new song “the Swan” by the legendary band “Pesnyary”#Pesnyary#7days

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New soloist of the ensemble, Belarusian singer Andrey Eronina conquered all the audience with their vocals, but the charisma and style of performance. They performed the new song “Swan” was met with thunderous applause.