VIDEO: Ornella Muti urgently hospitalized by ambulance

ВИДЕО: Орнелла Мути экстренно госпитализирована на «скорой»
The daughter of actress reported the incident.

Ornella Muti yesterday was urgently hospitalized. Nike
Rivelli, the daughter of the actress from her boyfriend film producer josé Luis Bermúdez de
Castro Akaso — captured on video for your mom in the ambulance. Though
the actress, as it turned out, was suffering from severe pain, she made every effort
to look calm. On arrival at the hospital, 60-year-old Muti was done
the rapid survey which showed that she had quite a serious injury:
the arm fracture dislocation and a dislocation of the elbow joint. The actress had
necessary assistance and has imposed a gypsum. And Nike to lift mom’s mood,
she is decorated with a plaster cast of “the kiss” — the picture is clearly
visible trace of red lipstick on white background. Video captured the incident, the daughter of actress posted in her microblog.

Ornella Muti

Photo: @naikerivelli Instagram, Nike Rivelli

Under what circumstances befall this injury, Rivelli said. But your video she’s provided signature, which thanked for the help and healing Muti doctors and even the Universe – that her mother escaped an even more dangerous injury.

Now Ornella for some time out of service, which is very annoying, because they violated the plans of the actress. Muti together with her daughter, who also became an actress, was going to take part in the Italian reality show “celebrity Island” where they had to instruct participants in the ways of maintain physical fitness and to share the recipes of vegan cuisine. But as a result of injury, Ornella, and probably her daughter dropped out of the project.