VIDEO: on the Eve of the accident Vasily Stepanov told about the latest events in the life

ВИДЕО: Накануне несчастного случая Василий Степанов рассказал о последних событиях в жизни
The actor received the coveted movie role.

Vasily Stepanov shortly before the accident — a few days ago
the actor fell from the window of his apartment, located on the fifth floor
he starred in the military movie “Tank,” where he played one of the main

After a long, interminable break in the filming, Basil was full of hope, waited for a new job, dreamed that
the audience will appreciate it, and even recorded a video message to readers in which he told about his character.

“Heavenly beauty actor, an intelligent man, rare in our country, the role for the movie, says
Olga Pogodina, producer “Tank”, and the female lead
the female roles. — Incredible tragic circumstances can push
people to such actions. People rarely cherish each other, is terrible

Edition Vasily Stepanov wishes for a speedy recovery and return to duty.