VIDEO: Olga Rapunzel was discharged from the hospital live

ВИДЕО: Ольга Рапунцель выписалась из роддома в прямом эфире
The star of “House-2” has repeated her interest for a new experience.

Olga Rapunzel repeated new, but very
interesting experience — the online-broadcast of important events from his personal life. On
this time, this occasion was the statement of a star “Houses-2” from the hospital. On this day, it
met the closest people: mother, sister, loving husband and of course friends.
A sea of pink balls, the animator dressed in a kitten costume, a sea of flowers and of course
also, greetings are incredibly touched Olga.

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The first time Olga has arranged a live broadcast the other day — she
I broadcast from the walls of the hospital, due to which thousands of her fans have become “accomplices” of the sacrament
childbirth. Olga came to the hospital at six in the morning, when
felt the first contractions. A Rapunzel took the icon that was not cleaned
until the very end. Husband Rapunzel — Dmitry Dmitrienko attended
childbirth. He was doing his wife a foot massage and strongly supported during labor. “It
was not my idea, but only his desire. He offered – say, want
to see how the baby is born. I would have a hand me
keep. But if I wanted to see Dima at birth, and he was against it, for anything
wouldn’t have to persuade him!” — said Olga shortly before birth.

“Our daughter was born April 1, palm Sunday, — has told happy
Olga. — God, it’s such a bright day, this is the happiest day of my life and it
the best gift, our angel. My love, you’re everything to us, our sense
life, you is our greatest happiness! Welcome to the family, our daughter.
Love these pens, my sweet fingers. Thank you, our daddy Dmitry
Dmitrienko! I love you very much!”