VIDEO: Olga Buzova revealed the details of the scandal at music awards

ВИДЕО: Ольга Бузова раскрыла подробности скандала на музыкальной премии
A star almost lost consciousness, waiting for its release on the red carpet.

Although the award Muz-TV has remained in the past, Olga Buzova
still have to explain why she appeared on the stellar track in
the sink in the provocative image of Aphrodite. The star of “House-2” says that this
she wanted to remind his critics, and among them many men that she
first of all, a fragile woman, which is easy to offend.

Olga Buzova

Photo: Artyom Geodakyan / TASS

By the way, the way Olga star track was not easy. It turns out that
the Olympic stadium, where the ceremony took place, all equipment for effective
the star was taken to the usual “Gazelle”. And then, waiting for his
queue, Buzova held inside the shell for almost 40 minutes.

The space inside the shell proved to be limited and
Olga was a long time constrained in their movements. By the time when Dmitriy Nagiev on
stellar track asked to open the shell, Buzova due to lack of oxygen
was already on the verge of fainting.

Recall that shortly after the ceremony Muz-TV with Olga
there was another scandal. During the pre-party music
festival “HEAT” during a speech Buzova appeared on stage naked
fan, just hiding behind the bouquet for a star. Many thought that it was
planned PR campaign.